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Is there any flow meter(s) in the market that can measure 2 medium (e.g: liquid and vapour) ? Please advise if any or give ideas on how to deal with it, thank you.
I thing nobody had developed such a device, because there is no need for it. For liquid and gas mixture, consider using differential producers.
In the orifice plate for liquid applications the vent hole takes care of "entrained air, gas...".
If you have substantial amount of steam entrained,
then use flow nozzle or Venturi
Hammel Dall were experts in supplying those.
If the piping is correctly designed, and if you respect the recommanded installation, the mixture at the producer is total. A near perfect measurement can be expected.
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We have a meter designed for monitoring oil field produced fluids and we can make sense of four phases, i.e. 2 types of fluid, gas and solids.

It uses several measurement techniques to acheive this inlcuding an advanced orifice with thermal velocity probes and fluid contact identifiers. It is not a "low cost" item but it will deal with gas.

Can you outline your application so I can get an outline of what we would propose?

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