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Looking for a flow meter to be located in a remote area of the mill. It will be installed in a 10 inch line and measuring water flow but there is no power available. Needs to display GPMs and possibly totalize flow. Thanks...
I work for a controls company and we have a Veris Veribar for a 10" pipe designed for water flow use. This veribar must mount in the lower 160 degree section of the pipe and only needs a 1 inch hole drilled in the pipe, then a weld on fitting is attached (included). It is designed to have a transmitter with a 3 way isolation valve bolted directly onto it. Any transmitter can be used i.e. Rosemount, Foxboro, etc and we can provide it pre programmed for this dp range. The transmitter is loop powered so a chart recorder mounted nearby supplies the dc voltage to the unit. Let me know if you want more info about it. Brian Tober [email protected]
We have a paddle-wheel flow meter which is battery powered so it can operate without the need for external power. It mounts to the pipe by means of a weld-o-let fitting and adapter or a saddle fitting and various models can be supplied to install in pipe sizes from 1/2" to 48". The electronic module features both flow rate and flow total displays. Various materials of construction are available to suit most clean liquid applications. Although specific information on the paddle-wheel flow meters is not up yet, please visit us at www.muiscontrols.com Thanks and regards, Bill Muis [email protected]