Flow Sensor for Blown Limestone


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Bob Munch

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I am looking for suggestions on how to measure the amount of powdered Limestone being pneumatically conveyed through an 8 " pipe. The flow rate varies considerably and we would like to be able to monitor it. The product has the consistency of Talc, very powdery. Ultrasonic ?
Magnetic ? Other ? suggestions needed.

Bob Munch
I.Q. Controls Corp

Scott Jensen

Try measuring the density of the pipes contents and averaging it out over a set rate. Maybe a company like "Banner" sensors might have something for this.

Bruce Durdle

A LOOOONG time ago, I read of a system to monitor PF coal in air to boilers ussiong ultrasonics. It worked on a combination of Doppler (for air speed) and reflection/absorption (for coal dust loading). Wasn't terribly interested in coal firing, but it stuck in my mind.

But you may get some ideas from the coal-fired boiler industry anyway.

Take a look at the Bindicator Flo-Commander http://www.bindicator.com. It might be an answer...

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Tanweer Ahmed

Its difficult for a flow sensor to work for the purpose and conditions you mentioned. I will suggest better you install a load cell under your 8" dia pipe with flex on both ends.

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