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Ger Dunne

I'm looking for a flow sensor which would be attached to the outside of a Stainless Steel pipe AISI 316L Biobore OD of 19.05mm(3/4in) wall thickness of 1.62mm.

My problem is that I can't insert any flow sensor devices into the line for sanitary purposes.
The maximum flow rate at any time would be approx. 0.166 LTS/min. I only want to detect a flow/no flow situation. Flow rates not required.
Any vendor data/ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Rohit Chandak

Dear Sir, It seems that you need a flow switch, which only detects flow & gives you a alarm at specified low as well as high flow. There are different types of flow switches liike flap type, thermal dispersion type etc. for the same purpose & is available with many flow measurement vendors. Further details on the process parameters could give a better idea of the technically suitable switch. Dwyer is one of the vendor which have most of the type of the switches. Kindly contact them or our Principal M/s. Fox Industries for Thermal Mass Switches [email protected]

Paul Broughton


Have used them for very aggressive liquid flow. Just silicone the two sensors to the pipe and adjust the pot. Can't remember the name of the manufacturer, type "+ultrasonic +flow" into any search engine.

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