Flow switch for dry cement powder


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Paul Rooleht

Does anyone have any experience with flow measurement of a powder / air mixture flowing in a pipe? It doesn't need to be an
accurate flow measurement - just whether product is flowing or not- ie a flow switch.

The site is a concrete batching plant with silos containing dry cement powder. The cement powder is transported up a vertical pipe
to the silo by the airflow from a compressor on the delivery truck. The pipe is 100 mm galvanised steel. We have investigated
some options based on vibration, but these are expensive. Total quantity needed is about 100 sensors at 20 sites.


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Differential temperature switch is lot more robust and easier to install.
It's a versatile device.

Try www.milltronics.com. Many solutions for bulk material measurement. I've used the products in many mining applications. They have a sales office in S. Melbourne.

Al Boake P.E.
Metso Minerals (USA) Inc.
Any chance of using load cells at the sending or reciever ends (silos or other vessels), where change in weight could give you idea of flow.

FloCat has some vane operated flow switches that are quite inexpensive. These would only work if air flow indicated product flow, however. I would suggest you check out www.flocat.com or try emailing them at [email protected].

BTW, I haven't had any experience with these switches. I received a catalog from them a couple of days ago, and I had a brief glance through after seeing
this message.

Dean Reimer
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Weight loss/gain methods are probably the most robust method for handling dry powder transfer rate problems.