Flow Totalizing


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I just recently replaced a 984-381 PLC with a 140CPU311 10 with Unity. I moved from LD to FBD programming. The last thing to do is to get the flow totalizing working again.

I wanted to reuse a user defined/derived block but do not understand how to calculate the divisor. The flow meter is setup for 4-20mA and is being properly scaled in the PLC.

Flow meter is: Rosemount 8722 Mag Flow meter.
10000pulse/sec max. Desired output: cubic meters

Can anyone please give an explanation how to do this or point me to a tutorial etc. Everything I am finding is specific to a specific brand and/or model
Schneider has a complete liquids and gas flow calculation library available for Unity based controllers. Contact your local distributor or Schneider sales office for details.