Flow Transmitter Calibration (Micro Motion EMERSON)


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In our field, there is two flow transmitters (micro motion, model:2700 R12NEFEZZZ). It has just foundation fieldbus capability. we can’t communicate with the transmitter using HART communicator and do not have Fieldbus protocol for now. we need to change the LRV and URV of the transmitter, current values of LRV and URV (LRV:0L/H, URV:2.5L/H). Even from DCS we can’t change the LRV and URV. so can we change the LRV and URV of the transmitter using Display? if yes how?

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If you find the 2700 micro motion user manual, and then you go to Appendix 4 then you have all information about the features using the display

It's important to know that it's not all function available on the display.

Following the information on Chapter 4, below you have what you can do using the display

Measurement units
Display functionality
Write-protect mode
LD Optimization

My recommendation is to get an FF handheld or PROLink from Emerson Automation Solutions.

Below you have more information about Micro Motion 2700 and Foundation Fieldbus network:
Because this is a Foundation fieldbus device, you likely need to change the Output scaling in the AI block that you are using. According to the manual, "You can change the output scale only with a fieldbus host".

Are you sure that your DCS does not provide access to transmitter AI blocks?