FlowMate Eco Zone Smart Valve Modbus RTU


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Johnson Tang

Having FlowMate Eco zone smart valve Modbus RTU problem. In their catalog they are not much interfacing on Data type. FlowMate inform that they are using 16 bit Word but also don't have any multiplier, offset or exponent information.

Anyone here have more information on this?

Thank you
FlowMate web site is pretty sparse on technical details; I could find a manual.

The word 'Modbus' doesn't appear on the EcoZone page. The spec sheet mentions RS-485, it does have the word "Modbus," so the 485 bus might be for BacNet or some proprietary protocol. A 16 bit word probably infers that the data word is a signed or unsigned integer value. But it does help to know what the units for any given register are and whether a multiplier factor is assumed.

Sorry, no help here.