Flowmeter for gas, high pressure.


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I'm looking for a flowmeter for gas, high pressure, Dn 15, for EEx d Zone. Maybe anyone
could help me. Thanks for any help.

david mertens

- What is high pressure? 40 bar or 1000 bar?
- What zone? 0,1,2,10 or 11?
- Why EEx d? EEx ia seems the best solution in any case, EEx d is not allowed in
zone 0.
- What type of gas (Corrosive, Poisonous, Radioactive...) ?
- Expected velocity?
- etc...

Please be more specific. My advice is to send all the details to your local representatives of the various vendors (siemens, fisher-rosemount, endress+hauser, emmerson, honeywell, foxboro,... etc) and have them make you an offer.

ravi shankar

if you could let me know your application we can suggest you right choice

and wht is the accuracy you are loking for - as it matters

ravi shankar
Sorry me, of course, I should tell more specific. "High pressure" is 250 bar, gas - natural gas (not corrosive, not poisonous, not radioactive), Dn 15 mm. Need other details?