Flue-gas Desulfurization (FGD) Logic Insterlocks Design

Are there any regulations (EU or others) that define the limitation and regulation of the startup of a Boiler if its FGD is out of service?

We are in the middle of the develop of the logic control and protection of a FGD to be installed in series with a 150 MW HFO Boiler. This request is in order to know if there are interlocks need it between the Boiler Logic and the FGD regarding to the operation of the boiler if whether the FGD is out of service.

Thanks in advance.

Rather doubt it, and certainly not in the plants I worked on.

Boiler safety governs and likely not connected to flue gas processing. The flue gases are monitored, recorded and alarmed and will be taken into account in boiler settings, fuel balance, and steaming rate.