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Anand Sarda


Am in process of procuring a flying shear to cut steel rods 16 to 40 mm dia at 600 Deg temp. The maximum travel speed is 10 meters/sec for 16 mm rod and i wish to cut it in 12 meters length with a cut length tolerance of +/- 25 mm. Manufacturers of flying shear machines are prepared to provide the mechanical flying shear machine, but the tolerance and other parameters, being dependent entirely on drive and controls, am not getting any proper feedback and response. can you guys suggest if this is feasible and whom should i contact and how to go about this issue.

Anand Sarda

Peter Nachtwey

Did you do the math first before saying you can do it? I did assuming an optimal number for the cutting time. You don't know the time it takes for the shear to go down and get back up and you don't know the mass of the shear.

I bet the reason the OP is being ignored by the other vendors is that they have done the math and know that this project will not be easy if even possible. There are more realistic projects out there.
hi dear Anand;

i'm dealing with the same project. my controller is a micromatik plc and i want to replace it with a simens s7 (cpu315 2dp), but the problem is that there is no access to the original plc's program. so may i ask you to send your program for me.

my mail address is:power_pn [at]

thank you for your time
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