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Dr. Timothy A. Haley

The Computer Integrated Food Manufacturing Center at Purdue University is
currently conducting a survey of system integrators, equipment manufacturers
and end product manufacturers in the food, beverage and dairy industry.

This survey is for companies based in the United States or that sell equipment
or services to food plants in the United States.

The objective of the survey is to determine:
1) the level of automation that currently exists in the food industry, and
2) the level of effort currently put forth in automation and control system

If you are affiliated with automation systems for the food industry, we would
appreciate it if you could take 15 minutes to participate in this survey.

The returned survey data will be completely anonymous. This study is being
conducted "blind" and we will have no way to determine which data corresponds
to which company that completed the survey.

Once we have completed our analysis, we will post the results of the survey to
the Automation List.

To participate, contact me at:
mailto:[email protected]

Please give me:
Your full name and title
Your company name
Your full address
Your telephone number
Your fax number

We will then contact you by telephone to discuss further details. Thanks for
all your help and support.

Timothy A. Haley
Assistant Professor and Director
Computer Integrated Food Manufacturing Center
Purdue University

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