format of PL7_2 binary files


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Valentin DAVID

I want to make a compiler to translate a language to a constructor language. For old TSX PLCs, there is a big problem : no documentations
are available on internet. The format of PL7_2 binary files very strange. I have begun a reverse engineering study on it. But i have no
enough time. If someone has documentions on it, please contact me.

(Note that schneider has no documentation on its site, and technical services do not answer)

Bert De Bondt

Do you have dos or windows software for PL7_2 or PL7_3, I use OS/2 software Xtel software, PL7 bin files are hex, but you can export the source code via the software

Bert ([email protected])

Gilles Habel

I don't see why you want to do that???
If it's is to build a kind of language translator for TSX PLC's, I'll look at the standardize format with IEC-1131. The PLC-Open files can be easily imported in a section of the program and compile by the programming software.

Give me more details and I'll try to help.

Gilles Habel
Schneider Electric (Canada)
PL7-2 Bin files are full binary files. The beginning of the file contains a kind of header describing what PLC is concerned, its version, the version of software used for generation...etc.
The rest (the most part) of the file contains a strict binary image of the content of the PLC application memory.

It is not very easy to develop a decompiler because it needs a great lot of information (configuration coding, memory management, code génération ...).