Formation of the Embedded Linux Consortium


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Murry Shohat

As a list lurker and learner, I'd like to surface momentarily to announce formation of the Embedded Linux Consortium. Journalistic coverage is available at Text of the organization's press release can be found at It was obvious at the organizing meeting held at the Embedded Systems Conference last week that Linux-based soft PLCs and related techology, especially in motion control, will be key applications for embedded Linux. Just this morning I heard from an international firm that claims to be first with a Linux-based motion solution. I will continue to lurk and learn. Thanks, Murry Shohat ******************************************** Murry Shohat Executive Director Embedded Linux Consortium 3760 Cross Creek Road, Santa Rosa, CA 95403 e-mail: [email protected] Voice: 707.576.0111 FAX: 707.576.1944 *********************************************