Formulas for Calculating BLDC Motor specs


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I have a load of 600 kgs, and I am going to use a 5 kW, 48 V, 91% efficiency: BLDC motor to drive the load. So I have following questions:

1) Will this motor be able to drive the given load? If no, what rating motor should I use?

2) Whether 5 kW is input or output rating? If its output rating then how to calculate input to motor?

3) How to calculate starting current of the motor?

4) What parameters are required to design a battery bank to drive this motor?

5) What will be the rating of battery bank(Sealed Lead Acid) required to drive this motor continuously for 1 hr?

6) What is the effect of the starting current on batteries rating and time for operation?

It will be very helpful for my project, if I can be helped with this questions along with specific formulas or references.

Thank you :D