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Ng Cheng Chuan

I have a client who wants to implement Foundation Field Bus instruments in the existing PLC system for his waste water treatment plant. None of the PLC suppliers I contacted is ready to have the interface to connect to Foundation Field Bus. I am looking for a recommendation to implement Foundation Field Bus for PLC.
Can anyone comment on this issue?

C C Ng
I think SMAR has FF H1 *AND* HSE available for it's PLC (LC700?). This uses IEC1131 and even has Modbus-RTU on it's serial port. A pretty sweet little product if you want a generic, multi-vendor solution without kaw-towing to one of the big PLC vendors lah! You can email to Jonas ([email protected]) at the Singapore office.


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Preston Todd Johnson

Foundation Fieldbus Interfaces for "controllers" are under development at many of the large DCS companies. FF is a very sophisticated process bus. I have seen it take two to three years in development for manufacturers to bring their products to market, especially controllers.

You can check with for their listing of devices.

In the short term, National Instruments Lookout, supports Foundation Fieldbus and most PLCs. You can mix and match Foundation
Fieldbus and PLCs with this SCADA software. You might also review

Good Luck

Preston Todd Johnson
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Vitor Finkel


Try SMAR. Their very first PLC model, called SL700 is a "Fieldbus Foundation PLC". That means they have all the usual I/O modules plus FF I/O.
Some clients informed me that it works alright.
Their URL is:

Vitor Finkel

Matthew da Silva

I think that youll find most programmable device manufacturers supporting Fieldbus ;) We choose Mitsubishi for many applications because of their
range and because our own range is not enormous. Ya can't be perfect at everything!

Greg Critton

Allen-Bradley has a linking device for the open network ControlNet. This device can use the redundant cableing of ControlNet and has two Foundation Field bus connections for seperate networks.
sir i wish to do a project on foundation field bus and how is being used in boilers,kindly help me