Foundation Fieldbus - Digital Inputs


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Paul O'Keeffe

We are looking at installing a Foundation Fieldbus system. Has anyone got any ideas on how to handle discrete inputs/outputs eg position switches, solenoid outputs etc ? We would prefer to stick with 1 communications protocol rather that using FF for traditional analogue signals and Profibus for discrete signals. I heard Fisher Rosemount are developing a module which accepts discete inputs/outputs onto FF. Does anyone know if this is on the market ? Many Thanks

Steven Landau

My FR rep demo-ed a small 2 slot rack of Digital I/O which held DeltaV I/O. They suggested using ASI for on/off valves, profibus for Drives, and FF for analog. I agree it seems like a extra complication. I am considering using Profibus for all. I can get profibus instruments, scales, and digital I/O systems. all on one bus. What have other people done?? S. Landau SPEC

Verhappen, Ian

It is also my understanding that Smar may have something soon and National Instruments has their Fieldpoint product. Ian Syncrude Canada Ltd. PO Bag 4009, MD 0032 Fort McMurray, AB T9H 3L1 P 780 790-4079, Cell -799-6017 F 780 790-5190 [email protected]

Gilles Allard

You can get 2 out of 3 without adding complexity, namely Profibus-DP and ASi. We use that approach with large valve clusters. An DP-to-Asi gateway is used to drive the valves and collect valve feedbacks. Very cost-effective! From your controller standpoint, it is only only fieldbus (Profibus-DP). Gilles