Foundation Fieldbus gateway


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Hi all,

Is there any Foundation Fieldbus gateway available for Schneider range of PLCs? Or is any third party product available as a ready made solution?
This is a gateway between fieldbus and Modbus you could use this:

It has been successfully integrated with a variety of old and new control systems through Modbus.

One gateway handles up to four buses and provides power as well. It can be field mounted, including Zone 2 (Division 2)

The gateway itself and the fieldbus devices are configured using a web browser. The process variables (and any other data) is made available
through Modbus or OPC.

You can also use the AMS intelligent device management software to more easily manage the fieldbus devices, including configuration, diagnostics, and calibration.

Interoperability with a wide range of fieldbus devices from different vendors is assured by IEC 61804-3 EDDL (