Foxboro 144LD Level Transmitter Has Interfacing Issues with Emerson Delta V DCS


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We have a typical problem, the Foxboro 144 LT using intelligent Buoyancy transmitter is interfaced with Emerson Delta V using Foundation Fieldbus. The problem is that Delta V controller faceplate responsible for this LT randomly goes to manual mode instead of being in auto. The error displayed is "MODBAD". The error gets solved if LT is restarted. This does not appear to be a problem of one particular LT as this happens randomly with almost all the LTs in the plant. On asking the OEM, the only solution we get is to restart the LT.

has anyone using this particular combination (Foxboro LT + Delta V) faced the same issue? and what was the solution applied. I would be grateful for any inputs.

I did search for a similar problem, but did not get any threads.