Foxboro IA Motor Element for HMI features


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I'd like to know if the IA series is somehow capable to deliver decent HMI features for MOTOR control. I'm knowledgeable about ABB Advant DCS and they provide a well deatailed display element that gives the operator all the information (built-in) about permissions, interlocking, control modes (auto, central, local, etc.), current and some other features. So far, what I've seen for the IA is nothing but an awful element with two buttons: start and run and no additional information. Every time an operator has a problem with a motor somebody has to dive the program and find out what's happening...
It depends on how your system was configured. There are many ways to do motor control with Foxboro IA and also many ways to display information such as interlocking, help, status, etc. No to mention two graphic display packages FoxView and Display Manager.

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