Foxboro IA Software License Agreement if you upgrade Sun's Boxes by your own


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Rodolfo Piedra

Dear sirs:

We have a SparcStation4 Station, Host ID 807a87ea running with SunOS Release 5.5.1 Generic_103640-20
Windows System : OpenWindows Version 3.5.1, (Foxboro's V6.1) we will like to install the same software in a UltraSparc10 box. Please indicate, from the license agreement point of view, if we should buy the Sun's OS and Foxboro software license again.

This software/box came in bundled in a Foxboro's IA system, that we will like to upgrade by means of changing SparcStation4 to UltraSparc10 hardware and keep the same software version.

We will really appreciate your earliest reply,

Thanks in advance and best regards,

Rodolfo Piedra
[email protected]
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