FoxRTU Station with ISaGRAF 5


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hello guys,

i'm in need to a tutorial or a book on how to use foxrtu station with ISaGRAF 5.x

thanks in advance

This is your helpful moderator. I don't know if there are any tutorials for using "FoxRTU Station with ISaGRAF 5." However, using Google (My favored search engine), I found a whole series of videos about using ISaGRAF. I also discovered that Schneider owns Foxboro. You might spend some time exploring their website.

For videos using ISaGRAF:

As I say, going to the OEM or distributor is often the best place to start.

Thanks for reply ,

in fact i searched a lot without any good results. i know that Schneider owns foxboro RTUs but they don't offer any tutorials or manuals to begin with.

on the other hand, most of isagraf tutorials are about v6.1 and 3

I suggest you might want to contact They still offer IsaGRAF and have connections with the developers of that software. They might be able to assist you with getting tutorials or manuals on your version. You will also see they are still selling controllers with that software as well.