Frame 5 crank / acceleration

Hi everyone,

I have a question about the frame 5 acceleration, in our MS5002 the starting system is an electric motor with a torque converter, the motor has a fixed speed, my question is how does the turbine to maintain a speed of TNH 24% in the crank and then accelerate after the warm up until 60%, we have no solenoid to change the oil flow in the torque converter (like the 20TU in other machines).
The only thing I found in the software is the fuel ramp acceleration after the warm up, do that means that the turbine accelerates only with fuel gas ? if yes how does the clutch stay engaged ?

Thank you :)
Unfortunately, the suggested similar threads below really don't provide much information--but, this topic has been covered MANY times before on many, Many, MANY times--for GE-design Frame 5 & 6 heavy duty gas turbines. Even recently, there was a pretty good discussion of what happens when the teeth of the jaw clutch are severely damaged (with a good picture of severely damaged teeth).

Yes; burning fuel helps with acceleration--but the turbine isn't considered to be "self-sustaining" at the instant flame is established. It still needs a torque assist from the starting means through the torque converter to help it reach self-sustaining speed when the jaw clutch will or can be disengaged and the burning fuel will provide sufficient torque to continue accelerating the unit to FSNL (Full Speed-No Load).

The jaw clutch teeth are designed to help the jaw clutch halves stay engaged during starting (when they're not severely damaged).

There's not too much more to tell. Have you looked in the Operations & Service Manuals provided with the units for more information about the starting means and the starting sequence? The descriptions there are usually pretty generic but do provide the basics of what is supposed to be happening and when. The rest one can determine from looking at the logic (which you seem adept at doing!).

Use the 'Search' feature at the top of every webpage and look for "jaw clutch" or "starting means" and have a read of several threads. If you don't find what you're looking for, keep looking at other results or change your search term(s). You will undoubtedly learn a lot--probably more than you were trying to learn.

Best of luck! There is more than 15 years of GE-design heavy duty gas turbine controls information (hardware; philosophies; field devices & instruments) on of it searchable and readable. If you need clarification on anything, ask. We're pretty non-judgemental here (except when it comes to forcing--and then, well, you can lead a horse to water, but you can't always make him (or her) drink (as the saying goes; it means, you can tell people something until you're blue in the face from frustration and explanation, and still--it doesn't do a bit of good sometimes; people just have to learn for themselves and want to believe everything (else) they are told, especially about forcing and how good it is (and it's NOT always good...!)).