Frame 9E Gas Turbine HGPI/AGP Interval Frequency Optimization

Hello guys,

I need your help regarding a study for optimization of Frame 9E gas turbine HGPI/AGP frequency interval. I want to know that can we run the machine beyond OEM recommended intervals for HGP/AGP. Have any one done this practice on frame 9E machines.

Objective of study is to assess the possibility of HGPI/AGP frequency interval enhancement and associated risks. I have some queries about the same:

  1. What is the maximum possible extension period of 9Es for AGP (32K) or HGP (24K) parts inspection / replacement?
  2. What will be the maximum risk if AGP / HGP parts are not replaced at recommended interval?
  3. Can you guys please give some references of 9E plants / units where they have exceeded AGP (32K) or HGP (24K) parts.

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