Free Chlorine Analyzer for Water injection platform


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Dear All,

We have requirement of a Free Chlorine Analyzer for one of our water injection platform at the offshore location.

If any one has any idea about the company who can supply this item please mail the available details to the undersigned at e-mail address

Thanks in advance for all the help.


Alan Rimmington

Try Wallace & Tiernen, not sure of a web site for them.... or see if you can talk to someone in your local water treatment works about the instruments or suppliers they use.

S. Elavazhagan


Free chlorine analyzer supplied by all reputed vendors, like Endress+Houser, Emerson(fisher Rosemount) , ABB etc.,

With best regards,

S. Elavazhagan,
Engineer - I&C,
TCE Consulting Engineers Ltd.,
Bangalore, India.

Melissa Cribbins

If you are looking for a reagentless chlorine analyzer, I would suggest Hach. Otherwise, Severn Trent makes a nice reagentless analyzer, but your source water needs to be consistent.

Ron Taylor ... RETA Power & Control

We build a package specifically for such scenarios and is used on many off-shore drilling platforms in Central America .. provides monitoring of CL2 but can also include PH, and also has provision for a dosing package using Sodium Hypochlorite. Is usually used behind a sea-water recovery RO system to maintain sanitation of potable drinking water in the tanks of a drilling/production platform ...

R.E (Ron) Taylor