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I am a final year engineering student doing my final year project on Process Control Using the package Freelance 2000 to model a small Process rig. Any information or ideas would be very much appreciated. Thanking you
Get a copy of Applied Process Control - A Case Study by R.B. Newell & P.L. Lee ISBN 0-13-040940-5. It is a case study complete with all equations for dynamic simulation on an evaporator. I've used this for simulation, modeling, and evaluation of control strategies in graduate school and in industry. I programmed it in Siemens-Moore APACS with Wonderware about a month ago for an introduction to process controls course I taught. Good Luck. MDS

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I'm very interested in getting a copy of this book. How would it be possible. I look forward to receiving your reply

If you write, or obtain, a functional description of the process you can easily write the code. The key to modeling a process is to mix the 5 IEC-61131-3 languages using each one for the intended purpose. ie SFC for batching, Function blocks for teh analog process control and ladder for teh discrete interlocking. Then your model will be real sharp. I've been using Freelance 2000 since ver 3.1 in '98. It is now up to ver 8.2. My company has done controls for an ethanol plant, a large chemical plant and many concrete batching plants as well as a few power stations with Freelance. Let me know if you need some help....

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