Freewave radio modems and RSlinx


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I have an application involving 1 master freewave radio (FGR-115) and 4 slave Freewave radio modems. The network works fine, allowing messaging instructions between a ControlLogix and several SLC5/04s.

My problem lies when i try to connect online over the network. This was one of the main reasons why i selected these modems. In linx i can sometimes see these SLCs on the DF1 Port, and other times i cant (But the network is working fine). I cannot get online with the processors connected to the slave radios at all.

I am assuming that the problem lies in RSlinx setup somewhere, however playing with the settings has not helped at all.

Any info on how to fix this would be greatly appreciated.


Kurt Raymond

I'm not absolutely sure, but I believe the RS Linx software for programming works on a duplex communication, meaning that you are sending and receiving info constantly. The radios are simplex, meaning that there is only comms in one direction at a time. Based on radio traffic overhead/bandwidth, sometimes the link will work for short periods of time, sometimes not at all. The A/B software does not have enough "patience" to handle simplex radio communication.

Kurt Raymond