Freezing of AB PanelView Plus


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Allen Bradley Panelview Plus 1500 HMI freezes with a pop up "No error message is available". The option for closing the pop-up is also disabled. The only option is to reboot the HMI by power cycle. However, the problem appears again after a day or so. The runtime file for Panelview has been generated in Factory Talk View ME.
We are an equipment builder, and see this with a recent customer. It happens late in the day, and we suspect the 2nd shift operator is doing a lot of inputs and overwhelming the screen software. Then, we wonder if the slow HMI results in the operator chasing his tail - making inputs faster than the now freezing HMI is feeding them to the PLC.

David Wilson

To what PLC/SLC is the PanelView connected? Is it DH+? Is the firmware up to date?

There were three or four firmware revisions in the middle (8 to 11?) where the communications would not drop a missed packet. Ever. When the cue fills up, the processors start to lock up.

Use the diagnostic features in RSLinx to check for communications problems, many devices provide a count of both good and bad packets.

Our experience: When the equipment was new, all ground terminations had low resistance. Eventually, grounds corroded, electrical interference increased, then comms failures. Then the Panelview hmi's and/or the plc would lock up. Contractors had relied on cabinets and conduit for grounding; we added ground cables to every panel and door. We re-terminated every ground and shield, but we had to upgrade the firmware to permanently stop the problem. The same comms firmware was used in the Panelview and the SLC, so both needed the upgrade.

Another cause for DH+ comms failures is cable length. Did you know that all "Blue Hose" segments must be at least 6 feet long (even if the components are right next to each other)?

Bob Peterson

you could try changing the update time. it has to be done for each screen.

it is also possible someone has used a function that has a long time duration or requires an acknowledge bit that is set for a long time or not working right.