Frequency to voltage converter


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Wee KiatSiong

I'm trying to carry out data acquisition using frequency to voltage converter circuit. Can anyone suggest me what can I do using this F/V converter in my thesis? thanks!

Peter J. Field

I have used a V. converter to convert a pulse train to a varying analogue voltage.
The pulses are derived from an inductive sensor detecting metal studs in a plastic flywheel extension, attached to a hoist motor of a VNA machine.
The analogue voltage is directly proportional to the speed of the flywheel, and is used by a (Siemens S5) PLC to monotor/control the lift and lower speeds.
I hope this gives you ideas.

Curt Wuollet

Hi Wee

Once upon a time a lot of analog telemetry was done this way. I would expect that should be good for one more thesis. Especially combined with a modulated laser or other gee whiz hardware. Or you
could work on velocity profiling using the Doppler effect. Phase locked loops are fertile ground also along with adaptive filters
and tracking amplifiers. Many sensors can be built using capacitance change, these are naturals for playing with F/V convertors. How
about studying pitch modulation of the human voice?


Curt Wuollet