Frequent Communication failure of all Bently Nevada Vibration system 3500 with MarkVIe HMI’s

We are experiencing frequent communication failure between MarkVie control system and Bently Nevada 3500 series vibration monitoring system installed at 04 units. Under mentioned are observed:

  1. No Vibration data available on HMI asscociated screens. (ref. attached screenshot)
  2. Turbine, asscoiated auxiliries & process monitoring & control and operation parameters are available at MKVIe local & Remote HMIs. (ref. attahced screenshot)
  3. This failure occurs on all four machine one by one with time period of less than an hour. Ref. Alarm & Controllers Diagnostic screenshot.
  4. EGD communication Gateway module installed at Bently Nevada communication LED “OFF” and OK LED start flickering on one unit. Furthermore, EGD communication Gateway module installed at Bently Nevada communication LED “ON” and OK LED is GREEN ON at other 03 units.
  5. On WorkstationST Monitor status, services for EGD server is running normally. (ref. attached WorkstationST screenshot).
  6. All ethernet cables seems ok and believe there is no hardware issues for this communication problem.
  7. Connect the Bently Nevada Rack configurator utility (installed at separate Laptop, as engineering workstation) and verified that all readings are available at BN channels and all modules are in OK condition and hence unit is running online. Further, EGD communication Gateway status is “NOT OK” when verified through configuration utility. (ref. attached EGD screenshot)


Gas turbine control system of 04 trains has been upgraded in year 2014 upgraded with Speedtronic Mark-VIe control. This included monitoring and controlling of Turbine, compressor and auxiliaries for gas turbine operation. Bently Nevada 3500 Vibration monitoring system and Promel FPG-05 Fire & Gas system is part of overall control system package on each unit.
There are total of 08 HMI’s installed for 04 Units. 1 Local & 1 remote HMI on each units (GE terminoogy as HMIL1 to HMIL8) with multifunction configuration is installed. These HMI’s are configured to provide the vibration data from turbine, LP & HP compressors and gearbox of each unit at HMI screens. The data from 3500 BN unit to MarkVIe is communicated by EGD COMMUNICATION GATEWAY MODULE, P/N 3500/92. Refer attached Control system schematic for complete system architecture & network topology.

Appreciate to Support in this regards.



What does the supplier of the upgrade say about this issue?

How long has this issue been persisting?

If the issue just started occurring recently (in the last couple of months or so) WHAT WAS DONE PRIOR TO THE PROBLEM STARTING? In other words, was someone downloading to HMIs or the Mark* VIe's after some kind of modification and then this problem just magically appeared?

What have you done to try to troubleshoot the problem (in addition to the very simple things noted)--and MORE IMPORTANTLY what were the results (other than just Pass/Fail)?

It would also probably help if you provided some more information about the versions of software installed on the HMIs (particularly the CIMPLICITY or PROFICY MACHINE EDITION versions and WorkstationST versions).
Go online with your rack configuration software and extract the event log data. See for any error over there. If there are any faults within the BN3500 system it should get logged there.