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Jeffrey D. Brandt

Can anyone decode the following line from a specification?

"Cable glands of brass with onion - rings."

This is a translation problem, I hope. The A&E is
Northern Europe, the end use is the Middle East, if that's any help.

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Vitor Finkel


Would it make any sense if the right translation would read:

"Cable glands of brass with "O" Rings" ?

Evetually a gullible translator could have made such a mistake

Vitor Finkel
There is something called an onion skin gasket... It allows internal "rings" of the gasket to be peeled away in order to make the hole larger (picture a bunch of concentric circles) These are usually made of rubber or
similar, and are used mostly (that I know of) for cable glands.
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Alan Montgomery
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Mr. Brandt,

It would seem to me this is Brass Glands with either a Bspp or Bspt thread connection using a O-Ring seal, European Specification British or
German standard, these are are also utilised in instrumentation fittings (Have a look at a Swagelok Catalogue) for glands names like Hawke, Bicc etc. come to mind.

Further the type of compound or material grade is critical to achieve the right specification of sealing in accordance with the spec. or


Sven Crone
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Olflex Cable (Fairfield, NJ, USA) offers these style cable glands as well. On their SVRE cable clamp, they call these rings an
"Adjustable multi-layered bushing". I do like the "onion ring" description though....It DOES describe it well! ;o)

- Eric
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