Fruit quality based on resistance and capacitance


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I'm conducting research on resistance and capacitance of fruit.
Anybody know about measuring the resistance and capacitance of the fruit to determine the quality or content of fruit.

Thank you.
For what it is worth, I once read an article about fruit testing and it mentioned Ph as being a very indicative factor, would certinaly be in line with our taste buds! The article also talked about measuring ripenes without inserting probes, it cited using acoustic waves (low frequency, not ultrasound) in order to determine the hardness of the fruit. Apparently, if one imagines the fruit being a low pass filter, the softer the fruit the lower the cut off frequency.

Makes sense I suppose, I cannot imagine a soggy apple being much good at transmitting high pitched notes!

John Perrotti

We manufacture a line of standard and specialty capacitive sensors. We can arrange for you to try out a few of them for test if you wish. Best regards, John Perrotti [email protected]
I work with the marketing and promotion of new technologies. At present I'm conducting research for the potential of one product that does exactly what you ask for.

The machine is being marketed by a Italian firm.

Please if you find related information would you send it to my e-mail: [email protected]

If you do I promise to send you a copy of my results once the research is complete