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some one from our staff change the FSR from auto to manual control and we do not know how to go back to auto mode for FSR.
Usually, to select Manual FSR, one just changes the value of MANUAL FSR to something less than 100%, so changing it back to 100% will effectively disable Manual FSR. The MANUAL FSR target (on an <I>) is usually a grey analog setpoint target, so one clicks on the target and then types 100 on the keyboard and then clicks on EXECUTE at the bottom of the display.

So, usually, all that's required is to return the MANUAL FSR value to 100%.

Manual FSR does nothing more than set an upper limit of FSR (defined by the value of MANUAL FSR), so, for example, if MANUAL FSR is set to 48%, FSR will not be allowed to increase above 48%, but the turbine control system will operate normally as long as the calculated value of FSR is less than 48% and if the calculated value of FSR exceeds 48% (say, 48.2% or 53% or anything greater than 48% in this example) the value of FSR will be limited to 48%.

I believe the signal name for MANUAL FSR is FSRMAN, but some units use a different signal name....