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Dear Sir,

In fuel Gas (Natural Gas) centrifugal compressor booster station which control philosophy is the best one? Why?

It has a Pneumatic ITV (Inlet Throttle Valve), Pneumatic Recirculation Valve, Motorized IGV (Inlet Guide Vane).

1) ITV & IGV Will maintain discharge pressure and Recirculation will be settled for compressor differential pressure protection.

2) ITV will maintain Suction Pressure and IGV & Recirculation will maintain discharge pressure.

What is the pros and cons of each methodology?

Share your Experience.
Thank you in advance.
Do u mean Natural gas pipeline? If so:

Natural gas compressor station control modes:

- Flow control
- Discharge pressure control
- Suction pressure control

The control mode choice depend upon the natural gas pipeline network

The type of compressor used commonly in the natural gas compressor station is the centrifugal compressor

Centrifugal compressor should be fitted with anti-surge control valve in order to protect it against surge ant to keep the operating point, defined by head and flow, whithin limits

If low flow is requested in the output of the compressor station the anti-surge control valve allow recirculation of the additional flow through the compressor to keep compressor protected against surge.