Fuel Metering Valve


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We Are Planning to purchase an alternative FMV from another manufacturer for Siemens Industrial Trent 60 Aeroderivative gas turbine with a Power Generation of :53.1 - 66.0. The FMV we have right now is Gas metering valve C422485 & Liquid metering valve C236765, Manufacturer: Whittaker Meggitt. I just need some help choosing the right alternative.
If you are still looking at this, do drop a message to your Siemens representative or reply here itself. It would be best to understand your current issue with the Meggitt valves, and then have Siemens seek an alternate solution for you.

There may be on-the-shelf alternatives available, but I fear you would throw caution to the wind if you swap to another brand without a full engineering review of your current Fuel Gas System.