Fuji vs Omron - Need Insight


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Are they any good? How do they compare to Omron? What about developer tools (i.e. compared to CX-One)? Better? Worse? Non-Existent?

I have been asked to inquire about them. I can't trust a Fuji dealer because Fuji is obviously the best PLC on the market (*rolls eyes*).

If anyone has any experience with them I would like to get some feed back from you - especially if you have used Omron too.
I have sold and used Fuji and Omron in the past an application engineer (26yrs) for an automation supplier. Yes, the Fujis are "good" in the sense that they can be applied to most any PLC application. Yes they have development tools. The Omron may be "better" due to the larger market share. Anyone's PLC can do most jobs, but it often comes down to availability and support. You will find MUCH more in the way of support and availability from Omron. Fuji is minor player in the PLC market while Omron is a big hitter. Omron's development tools and hardware have the advantage of many more years of development and market use. Omron's system capabilities and software would be comparable to AB or Siemens or Mitsubishi or any of the larger PLC players. Nothing wrong with Fuji, it's just that Omron has had quite a head start and has a much deeper, better tested line-up.

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I am looking for a Fuji setup, with an ethernet module. I need to write a software driver using tcp/ip socket calls. Do you know where I could get such a setup? Any pointer would be appreciated.