function code 23 with TSXETG100

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stefano sormanni

Hi all,

I've a question regarding ETG100 + Modbus function n.23.
I'm using MasterVolt Battery charger, and it has Masterbus that can communicate in Modbus f.c. 23.

I thought to read variable using a Schneider Premium plus a TSXETG100 but I don't know if the gateway can support this function.
Has somebody used it?

Thanks for your reply

I do not see why this setup would not work.

I currently use the EGX100 which is Schneider's version of the TSXETG100. The setup, parameters, and specs all look the same. What kind of error's or problems are you having?

Lynn August Linse

Having written firmware for many Modbus/TCP to serial gateways (including the ETG's predecessor), what you'll find is all such gateways should handle all functions from 1 to 127.

What you will find though:

1) 'Known' functions tend to work faster given the gateway can predict response size - so using unknown or vendor-specific functions might mean you need to increase some of your time outs and accept less throughput.

2) Some tools make 'assumptions' based on Modbus/TCP vs serial, so for example some Modicon reflash tools would be fooled by the Modbus/TCP channel and send newer commands which older serial (pre-Ethernet) hardware couldn't handle.