Future of female contribution to PLC field


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wilson williams

I was going trough the answers given for the question "why do you pay for PLC programming software" I noticed one thing. PLC field is fully occupied by men. I did not find any female dominance in PLC field. As such PLC programming is ideal for female staff. What is the future of female contribution to PLC field?

Trevor Ousey \(lists\)

It is not what I would call purposely a male dominated field, I think it tends to not appeal to women to pursue a career in an industrial environment. I agree that this area would suit a female as there are no physical demands, and most sites are able to cater to both sexes. In my time I have only come across three female electrical engineers,
and three electricians. As for chemical and process engineers, the percentage is higher.
If I have anything to say about it, that future will be as follows: The best programmers, be they all male, all female, or 50% of each, will get hired. The non-best will not, whatever their gender. Anyone who willingly considers factors other than job related skills when hiring (bearing in mind that non technical matters such as personal hygiene and communication ability can materially impact one's job performance) is a racist or a sexist.
i do PLC programming & am a girl. With the kmowledge i gained at school and some learning from my seniors that i still survive in this line. the only drawbacks is the commissioning job at site (if the plant is big) and days of staying outstation. most of the time, i find myself the only female in the place. feel odd but if everyone has the heart to get the plant run, i deserve high dignity being call a system engineer. md

Bob Peterson

I think you will still see it be a male dominated field. There are things that make it less attractive to the female gender like working in dirty grungy factories, long hours, and days/weeks/months away from home. While some women are willing to accept this in a career path, many just are not. Plus often at
the time in your career when you would just start being really useful, women take time off for child bearing.

The next generation being far more important than a career, I can appreciate this.

Bob Peterson