Future of HND Mechatronics?????????

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Muhammad Ahmed Raza

Can any body tell me please that what is the future of H.N.D. Mechatronics? I am so worried about it, because I am student of Higher National Diploma (H.N.D.).

There is little future in this country for this subject. You need to be in Japan, Germany or the far east. According to Nigel Lawson (an ex chancellor of the exchequer) he stated that "we only need service industries". Industry here has melted away. A few weeks ago Lasky Mittal an Indian bought our steel industry very cheaply (a hundred million I think). The government gave a similar sum of money to this to the poor in India at roughly the same time. In effect this means the government gave away our steel industry. We are broke here no one in government cares about industry. All my engineering friends who used to be toolmakers patternmakers and electrical engineers now drive trucks or work in retail. The establishments view of an engineer is a grimy man in a blue boiler suit who solders wires together when something goes wrong or turns the nut on the thingamy jig. The course you are studying is extremely difficult and includes levels of maths and engineering principles which few Britons today would be able to cope with. The technological complexity of modern manufacturing machines means it will be years before you have managed to accquire and build up sufficient skills to repair anything. My advice to you is to do a degree in social work. The pay is better the hours are shorter and you get paid when you are sick and dont' forget the pension fund either.

Bob Johnson. Bachelor of Education (Design and Technology). H.N.C (Mechatronics Engineering) City and Guilds (Electronics). The ex group engineering manager of a company with 500 million turnover.