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Jocelyn Boily

Hi guys,

The Included Protocol was designed (and is used for the Canadian 'MOST' Space Telescope) for spacecraft Control.

The developer are making it freely available with no string attached (except for the Copyright, and the control of the Protocol). The hope is to
increase the usefulness of the protocol by having many implementations it freely available.

It seem to do most of what I want to do with my controller, I am think of
using the protocol for one of the communication interface. I think that the
LPLC group could find it useful. It seem to me that if it is powerful
enough for a spacecraft control, it should do fine for a PLC.

A first scan show some missing functions that I would need, mostly single
bits read and write. These can be implemented (a provision allowed by the
protocol) with some custom code. However, I would have preferred to have
these reserved specifically by the protocol.

Could you please take a look at it, and let me know what you think. Could
it make a good LPLC protocol.


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> (Jocelyn, Kieran forwarded a copy of your mail to me... He's out of town
> for a while.)
> >Would Dynacon would be agreeable with allowing the Linux Plc Group to use
> >SSP Protocol?
> >Would it be possible to obtain the Specification?
> The specification is now public, and anyone who wants to use it is
> encouraged to. It should be on the CASI web site, but just in case, I
> attach a copy (in PostScript).
> >How about obtaining a listing (maybe partial) of the code?
> That's something that'll have to wait for a response from Kieran. The
> existing code is all either Dynacon or UTIAS property, and I don't have
> the authority to release it.
> Kieran is interested in the possibility of making parts of Dynacon's code
> freely available, as an investment in future interoperability, but it
> would take some work to disentangle the generally-useful parts from the
> highly-device-specific parts. It might happen sometime soon, but not
> right away.
> Henry Spencer
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Curt Wuollet

Hi Jocelyn

Sure, I'll print it and take a look at it. The licensing sounds a little murky yet but, it's closer to Open than anything else we've been
offered. Does somebody want to make a project of looking at this and reporting back? I'm kinda over committed at the moment and I hate missing things. Thanks for thinking of the project when you found out about the proto!



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Hi all

Recently i found another very interesting serial protocol with easy implementation. It is called SNAP and was designed for power line
communications, but it is not limited to that media.

Try a look at www.hth.com

To my person: I am working at a SCADA Company, and we provide systems (PVSS) for WINNT and LINUX.
(If interested look at www.pvss.com)

Best wishes form Germany

Bernd Lange

ETM Deutschland GmbH, D-30165 Hannover Grosser Kolonnenweg 21
Phone:+49 511 38395-0 Fax: +49 511 38395-607 E-Mail: [email protected]

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