FX PLC's on a GE Fanuc SCADA system


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I got a job looking after the PC's at a machine making place. Now I'm their PLC programmer. oops. Not sure how that happened.
I've just been given the task of getting a Mitsubishi FX PLC to talk to a Intellution (sp?)SCADA system that currently runs 4 GE Fanuc PLCs.
I've been told that I will need an FX 485 ADP special function unit and, well, err thats about it really. I don't have a clue where to start, any advice most definitely appreciated.


Jake Thompson

I will try to give all the advice I know about the FX. You will need to use an FX-485-ADP for the FX and if you have an FX2n you will need a FX2n-485-ADP. You will need a FX-485PC-IF to get the network to your computer( this is the RS485 to RS232 converter). Make sure you get all the terminatting resistors in the right place. You may want to add a second serial port for your computer to run the FX network exclusivly, the network is very fussy so it may be a good idea. You will need to add code to each PLC to start the communications card, assign buad rate,parity and station number. Be sure to set up the card with the same baud rate,parity,ect the same as what intellutions is set for. After you add the code to the PLC MAKE SURE TO CYCLE THE POWER, this will intialize the coms board. Make sure the FX PLCs you are using are verison 3.3 or better, some of the older PLCs cannot be networked. All the FX2ns PLCs can be.
The driver you will need for intellutions is the MEU driver for the FX-485 network. The same drive covers the FX, FXon, and FX2n PLCs.
Check out http://www.gibsonengineering.com/plcnetworkapp.htm
Its has code needed for the communications board for the FX's.
I have been down the FX and intelluiton road many times and found it to be a path of pure maddness, so if you need any more help feel free to email me at [email protected]