g120 for position application

Dear experts

I am seeking an advise in my ongoing project which
Includes g120 drive (2 No's ) with a control unit cu240E 2 PN and two external single turn incremental encoders(sick) which is connected to motor side.plc used is et200 sp

It is an hydro electric project where our aim is to control the water flow and acheive the desired power. So the purpose of VFD is to control the angle of wicket gate(through which water enters the turbine).

So g120 drive is used to adjust the position of above mentioned wicket gate. So here i want some suggestions

1.can i use cu 240e 2 PN for position controlling (angle) application?
2.if possible which technology object, function block,telegram i have to use for the configuration?

Please give some suggestions regarding these things