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I need just an explanation about the localisation of an installed gas detector
in our turbines SGT200 siemens, the constructor installed two gas detectors in admission part (exactly after filtration room) of the turbine, And two other detectors in extraction room from package (extracted hot air from the gas generator).

Can you please give me an explanation why they installed gas detectors to detect gases coming from the atmosphere?
If our turbine was installed in a complex raffinery that would be fair and reasonable because of gases coming from everywhere. But the only gas we have is fuel gas and is too far from admission side.
im not judging a company that produce turbines , i just need an explanation because i have seen too many turbines ( PGT25, TB5000 etc) and none of them have gas detectors in that place.
Thank you in advance
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I don't know if you have read OEM manual on such GT..

I have following OEM manual :

Please have a read specially on General description for the Gas detector monitoring /protection philosophy.

That document is for SGT400 but there should be no big differences with SGT200

Do not hesitate to share your opinion , or ask for more details ...


thank you sir for your efforts and taking time answering my request.
I read the details above and im aware of the detectors role, they detect gases and have no problem with that , but i see it as possibility of "almost zero" that atmosphere contain gases specially in a very small site where turbine installed .
To clarify my point more , i find them useless by installing them in "combustion air inlet"
In addition to their budget ,they require periodique cleaning and maintenance due to their spot ( too much dust give you low level alarm each week).
I noticed in the document between bracklet "if applicable" can you please explain what that means , is that means it is possible to not find them in some turbines and thats okey?
Thank you for your reply

Sir ,

I understood your first post and i clearly know what you mean by wondering if these Detectors are useful on these locations..

By saying (if applicable ) IT Means that depending on the project (customer request maybe) these Devices can be present or not...

This is my understanding..

You better try to contact the packager of the unit and ask them about this question..