Gas Flowrate and Volume Measurement


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i work in a gas fired power station where we are using ABB totalizer for our gas metering. But the company that supply gas to us makes use of Barton chart recorder to prepare their billing for us. but we found out that there is disparity in value captured by their chart recorder and the value captured by our own ABB totalizer, i.e., volumetric flow rate and volume of gas.

please i want comprehensive explanation on what cause the difference.

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Always check what standard is used!!!

Don't just get told STP, ask for the specific temp and pressure. (e.g. 60f? 70f?) if you are using a different base for your calculations, it can send you off. i've seen this before on a steel plant that had been running with the new measuring equipment for years before they realized, at which point they thought the supplier had been over charging them for years..... as it happens they had just been using more gas then they thought!