Gas Fuel Heating Value


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Hello all,

Here its 341 MW (NET) CCPP with GE 9FA.03 Gas fuel driven GT and 125 MW 3 pressure ST.

I have noticed, our natural gas supplier company issues every month GAS bill invoice in which amount of gas is calculated in MMSCF. But they always count gas fuel higher heating value (HHV) according to regulation of Power Purchase Agreement in our country. But I see GE always calculates gas turbine efficiency or Combined cycle efficiency by the help of lower heating values (LHV). Why its necessary for taking in account LHV during efficiency calculation?
The HHV includes the heat release of the water (product of combustion). It is is a measure of total energy content.

The LHV excluded the condensation energy and thus a lower number.

Condensation is not allowed in the turbine. Thus not recoverable from the shaft, so the energy available and efficiency for recovery is based on the LHV.