Gas SCADA via Modbus and Host Software


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Jon Harms

We desire to migrate our gas telemetry system to our SCADA system. Our SCADA master talks Modbus RTU and are looking for a software package that would be loaded on a server and access an ORACLE database to process the gas data from the field to provide our Gas Supply Dept the daily corrected gas volume needed for monthly billing and daily gas nominations from the gas pipelines. Do you have any names/numbers of vendors AND/or satisfied customers. To speed up the process feel free to call me at 509-495-8581, Thanks, Jon
The first place to start is to see if your SCADA system is ODBC compliant, if not you will be better off to start over with one that is.
Most SCADA systems can export the data to any format you wish. If you wish e-mail me with your SCADA software type and I maybe able to help
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Good Luck