Gas turbine controls basics


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Hi all!

I am an intern in GE PGS, I have a mech education (gas and steam turbines), but we didnt have a lot of controls. i want to better understand gas and CCPP controls (Mark and basic principles).

I know that probably there were a lot of such topics ))), but can you please provide some info, mb mook or article for me.

Thank you!

GE publishes a LOT of documents about their Speedtronic, or Mark(c), turbine controls with some general information about turbine control (control, protection, and monitoring). Have someone grant you access to the GE ControlsConnect website (or, if you have an SSO you probably already have access) and search the library of manuals there.

Sorry; I don't have any publication numbers, but there is no shortage of documents there. Look for more of the "sales" variety--they will have the 'big picture' of control (control, protection and monitoring).

GE also has some computer-based training courses available via their network that you could probably learn a lot from. It used to be called "Power Systems University" (PSU), but I don't know what it's called now.

If you have a mentor (and you should have been assigned a mentor....) you should be able to ask that person for help with your search.

You're going to have to be motivated, and you're going to have to pore over lots of information--there's really no one document or two or three documents that can be used to learn the basics (amazing, isn't it?) of GE turbine control and philosophy. And a lot of what's "known" in the Company is what's called 'tribal knowledge' passed on by word of mouth. So, hopefully

Wish I had better news. Others may have some GE publication numbers they found handy. But, try to work with your mentor/supervisor. Schedule a time with him/her to discuss your desire to learn more about controls.

Let us know how you fare!