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We have installed a 6MW/11kV GTG (Gas turbine generator) at our Oil & Gas plant. Can you please advise me how to carry out the load testing on the GTG? I mean plant is still under construction stage so we do not have any operating load in the plant. I think only way is to hire 6MW load bank (although I want to avoid it to save money). But I am wondering if it is always like that, I mean, whether load banks are always hired for GTG load tests or are there any other methods for load test?

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You must have load to load-test the gas turbine-generator set. The gas turbine provides torque to the generator which converts the torque to amperes--which must be "doing something", even if that's just generating heat in a load bank. The gas turbine can produce a LOT of torque--but if it's not driving a load through the generator the unit will overspeed, and very quickly, which is a test of a different sort--not a load test.

I don't see how it's possible to test the ability of the generator set (turbine and generator) to produce power without some kind of load.

And, if you want to--and most EVERYONE always want to--do any kind of load rejection test, it's better to do it with a load bank than with actual, running load, especially on an islanded system (separated from a grid). Opening the generator breaker will remove the power output to the load--and if that load includes lights and motors in a plant, then those lights and motors are going to "stop."

And, when performing a load rejection test--be sure you and everyone involved in the test fully understand what you are trying to prove with the test, because, many people have very different ideas about what constitutes a successful load rejection test and disagreements after the test can lead to LOTS of problems with deciding if the test needs to be redone or not. EVERYONE involved in the test needs to agree on what is being tested and what constitutes a successful test--before the test is performed. [HINT: "Proving the system" does NOT constitute either a proper reason for the test, or a successful test. BE SPECIFIC about what is being proved.]

AND, if you want to perform a "load throw-on" test (which many people also like to perform)--it's, again, best that everyone understand what you are trying to prove and what constitutes a successful test. Before the test is performed.
Well, Capacity bank testing allows a reserve generator to be tested and exercised to verify its overall dependability and its ability to run at its full rated kW output. These analyses are recorded to show that once the unit spreads the full rated load, it runs at normal operating temperatures and pressures.
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Maybe on your contracts.but not on most contracts

That's the problem with questions like this--we don't, and will likely never, know the details of the contracts.