Gas Turbine Mark V Monitoring


Usually high value is selected from the two lvdts.

To see what is under the HMI screen you need to edit the screen. Look for the screen name and try to find it in a folder called cimproj. Inside the folder find your screen and right click and edit it. Once you edit the screen it can be done as a group of screens, right click in the center of the screen and hit open frame container and keep going forward with the fwd button till you find the screen you want to look.

Usually from the two lvdts the highest value is selected but to be sure follow these steps.

Once you get the signal name with the object, all is done with objects, fsg1out or fsgr, follow the logic with the sequence editor or Mkv studio and find where the signal comes from in conjunction with io. asg and tc2krept in unit 1 directory in pseudodrive F.