Gas Turbine MS5001P

Dear Gents
I have one gas turbine MS5001P driving sync. Generator.
The control system is Speedtronic MK II.
During no load tests on gas fuel the turbine tripped several times after reaching FSNL (different durations) without any alarms..
What could be the reasons?
Roughly when after reaching FSNL did the machine trip? Can you get some kind of recorder and monitor major parameters (VCE, Exhaust Temp. Speed, SRV/GCV Position)
Does the unit normally run on gas fuel--or another fuel?

These "... no load tests on gas fuel ..." are they being done after a maintenance outage? After a trip from load? What kind of tests are being performed (vibration tests; excitation tests; or ???)?

What is trying to be checked or demonstrated with these tests?

Is the unit simple cycle, or does it exhaust into a "boiler" to produce steam?

Do you know what the hydraulic system pressure is when the unit is at FSNL--and is it stable? (What should be hydraulic system pressure be at FSNL (from the setting of the hydraulic pump listed in the Device Summary)?

Is the unit experiencing difficulty establishing flame when starting on gas fuel? Have you been able to monitor and record exhaust temperatures at FSNL? If so, are the temperatures pretty uniform, or are they different by more than 50 deg F or more?

Are there any other alarms present when the unit is at FSNL (please list them all, even if you don't think one or more aren't relevant)?
No way a MKI or MKII did not annuciate any alarms.
Well you will always get "Hydraulic Trip Circuit Pressure Low" which basically means it's tripped. Other than that I've had more trips on MKI/II with No Alarm than with one, for that reason, for many years, I carried a 4 channel pen chart recorder with me that saved my life.
I'm curious about this one, one of the worst I ever had was a Frame 3 MKII offshore that just radomly tripped while running, sometimes twice a day sometimes only after a week, After days of sitting watching it the fault was traced to the SRV Hydraulic cylinder which only leaked to bypass at a particular stroke

Methinks the original poster was simply looking for THE simple answer that anyone with a GE-design Frame 5 heavy duty gas turbine and Mark II turbine control system would intuitively know and be able to explain with one or two simple sentences. 'Cause we ain't hearin' nothun' back. And, on subsequent start(s) the problem hasn't returned. (Is there no "Loss of Flame Trip" on a Mark II?)

Me also thinketh Curious_One was being just a little facetious...! ;-)